Pembelajaran membaca teks cerita moral/fabel siswa kelas VIII SMP Negeri 10 Malang / Roisah Amilina

Amilina, Roisah (2015) Pembelajaran membaca teks cerita moral/fabel siswa kelas VIII SMP Negeri 10 Malang / Roisah Amilina. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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ABSTRACT Amilina, Roisah. 2015. The Teaching and Learning on Moral Story Texts/Fabels of the Students of Junior High School 10 Malang. SarjanaÔÇÖs Thesis, Indonesian Department, Faculty of Letter, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Prof. Dr. Maryaeni, M.Pd, (II) Dwi Sulistyorini, S.S, M.Hum. Keywords: Teaching and learning of reading, moral text/fables Reading is one of the four language skills, instead of writing, listening, and speaking, which is often considered unimportant by the learners. Reading is also one of the basic competences which is related to the goal of 2013 curriculum, namely to create the genre-based character building. This research aims at describing the teaching and learning of reading to the VIII graders of Junior High School 10 Malang. The description of the teaching-learning activity is elaborated from planning the lesson, implementing the learning procedure, and assessing the reading activity done by both the teacher and students of VIII B class of Junior High School 10 Malang. This research employs descriptive-qualitative design in which the teacher and students of VIII B class are being the subjects. The data and data source in this study are in the form of verbal an non verbal data, which consist of three aspects. The first aspect is lesson planning. The data gathered in this research are verbal information about the lesson plan, and the result of the interview with the teacher. The second aspect is the implementation of the learning procedure of reading moral story/fables. This kind of datum was obtained from the observation towards the teaching and learning activity conducted by both the teacher and students. The third aspect is about the learning assessment. The data of this third aspect are evaluation package, the information regarding the assessment mode and guide, and the teacherÔÇÖs talk to interact with the students while the students were being assessed. Those studied three aspects were collected by using documents, observation, interview, and documentations as the instruments. The result of this research is the description regarding: (1) the components of lesson plan; (2) the implementation of learning procedure which consists of pre-activity, main-activity, and post-activity, and (3) the evaluation towards the learning activity which consists of both process and result assessment. Firstly, the lesson plan of reading moral story/fables was created by the teacher and based on the discussion of the Indonesian language teachers in accordance with 2013 curriculum. The identity and competences were written based on Permendikbud Nomor 103 Tahun 2014. The goal of the teaching and learning was derived from the indicators. The materials were taken from the course book. The method chosen consists of group work, doing tasks, and question and answer session using scientific approach and discovery learning model. The learning procedure was arranged by using scientific approach which consists of pre-activity, main-activity, and post-activity. The learning sources chosen were less varied ÔÇôthere were only the studentsÔÇÖ course book, and the pictures of animals and the video of their lives. The assessment done by the teacher was in line with the basic competences and the learning goal, and by fulfilling the evaluation package determined in accordance with Permendikbud Nomor 104 Tahun 2014. The evaluation consisted of both process and result assessments which were used to assess three aspects: affective (attitude), cognitive (knowledge), and psychomotor (skill). Secondly, in general, the implementation of learning procedure which consists of pre-activity, main-activity, and post-activity was not as well as how the lesson was planned. The basic competences of understanding and comprehending the meaning of moral story/ fables were not fully reached since the activity was only based on six sources, while the six learning experiences stated in the lesson plan were not covered optimally. Meanwhile, the basic competences derived from the first and second core competences were not done. The teacher did not conduct some activities which must have been covered, such as to call the roll, explain the learning goal and competences attained, and etc. However, the teacher was successful to seek the studentsÔÇÖ attention since the learning activity was focused on the studentsÔÇÖ activity, and the teacher understood the studentsÔÇÖ characteristics in every single class very well. Thirdly, the learning assessment was not openly conducted. The teacher mainly assessed the process by using observation technique during the learning activity. The homework, such as searching for the moral story/fables from other sources and doing the task on the course book, was not assessed ÔÇôit was only discussed together in the class. However, the evaluation package made was very well-arranged and in line with the assessment instruments stated in Permendikbud Nomor 104 Tahun 2014. Based on the result of this research, the suggestions are given to Indonesian language teachers, schools, and further researchers. Firstly, the teachers are expected to understand the lesson plan made very well especially on the competences attained, learning goals, and the variety of learning sources and media to improve the quality of the studentsÔÇÖ comprehension and acquisition towards the materials. It is often that the learning procedure is not always implemented as well as what has been written in the lesson plan. Secondly, it is recommended for the schools, as the institutions for teaching and learning, to provide varied learning sources and media. They can also conduct workshops and frequent teaching-learning evaluation to improve the teachersÔÇÖ quality, so that they can produce more qualified outcomes. Thirdly, the further researchers should understand very well the condition and needs of the field, as well as the competences which are being the focus of this research. Therefore, the research will be well-conducted and beneficial for all sides of people.

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