Kilisuci mangesthi ritualisasi Legenda Gunung Kelud Desa Sugihwaras Kecamatan Ngancar Kabupaten Kediri / Agmarila May Risqi

Risqi, Agmarila May (2019) Kilisuci mangesthi ritualisasi Legenda Gunung Kelud Desa Sugihwaras Kecamatan Ngancar Kabupaten Kediri / Agmarila May Risqi. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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ABSTRACT Risqi, Agmarila May. 2017. Ritualization of Kilisuci Mangesthi The Legend Of Gunung Kelud, Sugihwaras, Ngancar, Kediri. Thesis Department of Art and Design, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Robby Hidayat. M.Sn, (II) Ika Wahyu Widyawati, S.Pd, M.Pd Kata Kunci: Dance Creation, Kilisuci Mangesthi, Legend, Gunung Kelud Kilisuci Mangesti dance creation is a research from a choreographer based on local oral tradition in Kediri region. Oral tradition is kind of a message which is delivered from one generation continuous to the others. This tradition develops in Kediri region. In contrast, the local oral tradition haven’t visualized in to a choreography. The aim of this research is to present Kilisuci Mangesti dance as an appreciation of art and also to show it as a dance from Kediri region. The movement material of Kilisuci Mangesthi dance came from visual sense to be ideas sense. Making a dance which full of moral values in every scene needed a kinetic sense. Kinetic sense in this dance was taken from Jawa Timuran traditional dances movement. It also came from exploitation movement through choreographer ideas. In addition, the composer created a creation music especially Jawa Timuran to adjust good movements and atmosphere. It was combined with kendang, demung, saron, peking ,gong, bonang, slenthem, kethuk kenong, gender, suling, gambang, siter. Kilisuci Mangesthi dance was presented in ten minutes of duration, divided in to three part of scenes, dedicated in the kind of group dance which consist of seven dancers and designed in to creation dance and dramatically dance. The presentation method in this dance used symbolize presentation (non- representational). It was performed in arena stage, combining the nature and sun shines presented at 9 am in the morning. The dancers look are matched with make-up stage, custom design, and property based on proper theme. The conclusions of this research are to create and promote the Kilisuci Mangesti dance as a traditional creation dance from Kediri. The suggestions for the other researcher, they can evolve and explore more focused on the other characters related to Gunung Kelud legend story.

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