The use of diary writing to improve student' writing skill in recount text of SMP Negeri 1 Candi Sidoarjo / Adenia Ardillah

Ardillah, Adenia (2019) The use of diary writing to improve student' writing skill in recount text of SMP Negeri 1 Candi Sidoarjo / Adenia Ardillah. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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vii SUMMARY Ardillah, Adenia. 2018. The Use of Diary Writing To Improve Students’ Writing Skill In Recount Text Of Smp Negeri 1 Candi Sidoarjo. Thesis, Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Enny Irawati, M.Pd. (II) Dr. Niamika El Khoiri, S.Pd, M.A Key Words: Diary Writing, Recount Text, and Writing Ability This study aims to investigate how diary writing is used in improving the writing skills of students at SMP Negeri 1 Candi Sidoarjo. Diary writing in this study involves writing recount text based on personal experience guided by the use of Genre-Based approach and picture series media. The research method employed is a qualitative action research. The subjects consisted of one class of 37 students. The research was done through four stages that is, planning, implementing, observing and reflecting. In the planning stage, the reseacher prepared lesson plans, media, and research instruments. Then she implemented the strategy to adress the students’ problem in writing. The implementation is observed through the use of field notes and observation checklist, while the students’ perfomance in writing is measured using a scoring rubric. Finally,the reseacher reflected on the results of the implementation and observation by comparing them to the criteria of success. Data collected were in the form of students’ scores in the writing test given before and after the strategy, as well as the results of the observation and field notes. The test results show that the students’ writing improved in terms of their ability to write longer and more coherent text and clearer sentences. They also used more diverse vocabulary with less errors in the use of past tense. Their scores increased by 15 points on average from 66.7 in the pre-test to 81.7 in the final test. The procedure of using the strategy that successfully improved the students’ writing involved four steps. The first two steps are Building Knowledge of the Field and Modelling of the Text in which the reseacher introduced the viii students’ to diary writing and recount text. The reseacher then went to Joint Construction of the Text step in which she assigned the students’ to work in pairs to write about holiday based on a picture series. After they had finished, the students’ swapped their works with another pair. The teacher together with the students discussed their works whether or not the generic structure and language used in their recount text were correct. After that, in the Independent Construction of the Text, the reseacher asked the students to write individually a recount text based on their own holiday experience. It was found that the teacher and the students also gave positive responses concerning the use of diary writing strategy to improve their writing skills. The students state that they understood recount text easily and they were excited to learn English using this method. The teacher also felt more helped by the use of this method. It can be concluded that diary writing is a good and interesting learning media to improve students' writing ability, especially in writing recount texts. It is recommended that diary writing be used by English teachers as a medium to teach recount writing. Future reseachers are expected to use this teaching strategy in different levels of class and different schools to investigate the use of this strategy in different contexts.

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