Improving young learners' English vocabulary mastery by using flash cards / Eka Wahyu Oktavia

Oktavia, Eka Wahyu (2019) Improving young learners' English vocabulary mastery by using flash cards / Eka Wahyu Oktavia. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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ii SUMMARY Oktavia, Eka Wahyu. 2019. Improving Young Learners Vocabulary by Using Flash Cards. Final Project. English Language Teaching. Faculty of Letters. Universitas Negeri Malang. First advisor: Dr. Utari Praba Astuti, M.A., Second Advisor: Dra. Nunung Suryati, M.Ed, Ph.D. Key words: Flashcards, Young Learners, vocabulary. This study dealt with teaching English using flashcards to improve young learners’ English Vocabulary. The objectives of the study is to find how the use of flash card in increasing young learners’ English vocabulary mastery. In order to achieve the objective of this study, the researcher used classroom action research as the research design in doing the research. The populations of this study were the 29 students of fifth graders at SD Negeri Wedi, Sidoarjo. There was only one cycle in this study. The cycle was conducted in three meetings. In this cycle, the students were drilled about kinds of clothes and kinds of occupation. There were two types of the test in this action research. They were Test 1 and Test 2. The test was related to the kinds of clothes and kinds of occupation. In Test 1, the students had to answer 30 multiple choices questions about kinds of clothes and occupations. In Test 2, the students arrange the jumbled alphabets into the right name of clothes. The result of the study showed that the Test 2 scores were better than the Test 1 scores. It could be seen by comparing their means. The means of the Test 1 score was 80.6. While the Test 2 score was 88.9. It means that there is a significance difference in students’ scores after they were given treatments using flashcards. The increasing achievements show the increasing vocabulary mastery of the students. The significant improvement of the students after they were taught by the research using flash cards as medium indicated that the treatment was effective. So, it is recommended that the teacher can use flashcards as media in teaching young learners to increase their interest in learning English. Hopefully there would be further studies in teaching English using other technique.

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