The portrayal of sexualized Korean School Girls in webtoon Lookism / Munjidah Hamsa'

Hamsa', Munjidah (2019) The portrayal of sexualized Korean School Girls in webtoon Lookism / Munjidah Hamsa'. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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v SUMMARY Hamsa’, Munjidah. 2018. The Portrayal of Sexualized Korean Schoolgirls in Webtoon Lookism. Sarjana’s Thesis, English Language and Literature, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. M. Misbahul Amri, M. A., (II) M. Nasrul Chotib, S.S., M. A. Key words: female sexualization, schoolgirls, webcomic, webtoon, Lookism. Feminism has been the part of cultural field and expressed within the media. Mass media, especially comics, have exposed the obsession of female bodies as body property in which it has to display certain form of femininity. Sexual objectification is presented throughout the media including comics. Female characters portrayal is sexually objectified when it focuses on certain female body parts. This study is aimed at analyzing and discussing female objectification that is presented by female characters in webtoon series entitled Lookism. Lookism is webtoon series written and drawn by Park Taejun that started in the late 2015 in Korean on Naver Webtoon and published in English version on Line Webtoon in mid-2017 hitherto. This research looks closely at its female characters portrayal in the series. This study pinpoints graphic manifestation of sexualized schoolgirls in selected episode 1 to 200 of Lookism that contain the richest data. Then, analyzing and writing process are established using feminism to interpret whether the series hold sexism that targets the female characters. The findings revealed that Lookism has much data regarding representation of sexism in its female characters using feminism framework. It is found that female characters in Lookism is highly sexualized by the male counterparts. The sexualization takes various forms: exposing body parts those are breast, hips and legs, being the victim of verbal and physical sexual harassments, and being the object of rape. This series also holds message that beauty has power and that female has to conform certain quality of femininity in order to be socially accepted. Based on the findings, this research is possible to be extended to different focus in women’s studies under feminism. For English literary students who are interested in the study of feminism in comics, they may resort to Lookism, as it has many elements that refer to feminism. For future researchers, they may resort to this thesis for reference.

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