Pedagogical and professional competences changes as experienced by EFL teachers through teacher action research / Yunita Puspitasari

Puspitasari, Yunita (2019) Pedagogical and professional competences changes as experienced by EFL teachers through teacher action research / Yunita Puspitasari. Doctoral thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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ABSTRACT Puspitasari, Yunita. 2018. Pedagogical and Professional Competences Changes as Experienced by EFL Teachers through Teacher Action Research. Dissertation, Graduate Program in English Language Education, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Prof. Ali Saukah, M.A., Ph.D., (II) Prof. Adnan Latief, M.A., Ph.D., (III) Prof. Utami Widiati, M.A., Ph.D. Keywords: pedagogical competence, professional competence, changes, teacher action research, EFL teachers, The study aims at discovering how teachers who experience doing action research describe change of their Pedagogical Content Knowledge Changes, and what supports and constraints the teachers experience in common. Describing common shared experience of Teacher Action Research (TAR) as an activity of professional development has led to the choice of phenomenological research as the design of this current study. The present study were done in two stages. Subject selection was done in the first stage of the research. The second stage was done to answer the research questions. 3 EFL teachers were selected based on some criteria to ensure that the subjects of the present study had experience the phenomenon. Following SeidmanÔÇÖs (2013: 15-20) frameworks, an interview guide was developed to outline the key questions addressing the research questions. The present study began the data analysis by transcribing the interview data. Making the transcribing myself allowed me to get acquaintance with the data by reading and re-reading them. The next was listing statements or quotes made by the subjects and considered all the statements and quotes are equally important. Based on the lists descriptive categorization was made. Significant statements or quotes were utilized to make textural description of what the teachers experience in doing action research. The findings of the study revealed that teachers experience both pedagogical and professional changes. Pedagogically, TAR put changes in EFL teachersÔÇÖ competences in terms of awareness of studentsÔÇÖ characteristics, and need, enhancement knowledge about learning and principles of effective learning, creativity in using media, and ability of making reflections. In terms of professional competences, they gain more confidence, and ability to disseminate their practical knowledge.

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