Penerapan model pembelajaran Jigsaw pada pelajaran Ekonomi untuk meningkatkan hasil belajar siswa kelas X MAN 2 Kota Probolinggo semester gasal 2017/2018 / Jamalludin

Jamalludin (2018) Penerapan model pembelajaran Jigsaw pada pelajaran Ekonomi untuk meningkatkan hasil belajar siswa kelas X MAN 2 Kota Probolinggo semester gasal 2017/2018 / Jamalludin. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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ABSTRACT Jamalludin. 2017. Implementation of Jigsaw Learning Model in Economic Lesson to Improve Student Learning Outcomes of Class X MAN 2 Kota Probolinggo Even Semester of Teaching Year 2017/2018. Thesis, Department of Economic Development Study Program S1 Economic Education Faculty of Economics, State University of Malang. Drs. H. Sapir, S.sos, Keywords: Co-operative Learning, Jigsaw Learning Model, Learning Outcomes Teachers have a duty to guide students to achieve the competencies that have been established, but in the field implementation of many obstacles encountered. Submission of material does not fit the plan, there are still many students who do not pay attention to the material submitted by the teacher. So many students that the results of learning under KKM. Models in the process of learning in the classroom is very important in determining the success of students in the learning process. Because in a learning is needed to creative teachers in classroom processing, so that students can follow the learning actively so that student learning outcomes can be increased. To improve student learning outcomes and make students more active. From the various model of learning there is chosen Jigsaw learning model because it has several advantages as aris Shoimin (2014: 90) "Model of learning Jigsaw students have many opportunities to bring opinions and process information obtained and can improve communication skills. Group members are responsible for the success of the group and the completeness of the material part that is learned and can be communicated to the group. The problem studied is whether the application of jigsaw learning model can improve learning outcomes on the economic subjects of class X IPS 1 students in MAN 2 Probolinggo even semester of the academic year 2017/2018 This type of research is a classroom action research. This study was conducted in two cycles. The results of this study can improve student learning outcomes, as evidenced by the results of the cycle of one student learning outcomes of 72.22% of students complete KKM, whereas in cycle two there is a complete increase in KKM students 91.66%. The average increase of learning result was 19.44% from 72.22% to 91.66%. The conclusion of this research is that the application of Jigsaw learning model can improve student learning result. While the suggestions in this study, Jigsaw learning model can be an alternative teacher in teaching so that student learning outcomes as expected.

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