Error analysis in facebook status update done by the tenth graders of SMAN 8 Malang / Arindyah Gayatri Rifiani

Rifiani, Arindyah Gayatri (2010) Error analysis in facebook status update done by the tenth graders of SMAN 8 Malang / Arindyah Gayatri Rifiani. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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Key words Error Facebook status update As a means of communication language plays important roles in human life. People use language to communicate with others and to share ideas thought feeling and information. Nowadays social life is not only in real life but also via social networking sites like Facebook Twitter Friendster etc. Students who in this study are SMA students are getting involved in social life especially through the internet. They frequently update their status in Facebook make tweets in Twitter and shout outs in Friendster to share what is on their mind. From the polling that researcher took before taking the data it can be seen than students frequently use English because of several reasons but mostly they want to look sophisticated cool and smart. They try to be part of not only Indonesian community but also global world. They want to be accepted not only in naive country but also other part of the universe. From the result of this polling it represents that English as an international language becomes widely used throughout the world included Indonesian SMA students. This study is intended to find out students grammatical errors in updating Facebook status. It was conducted at SMAN 8 Malang Jl.Veteran 37 Malang. The subjects were the tenth graders that is in X.5 and X.7 class 2010/2011 academic year. The design of this study descriptive since this study was designed to describe errors the students made in updating their Facebook status. The data source was the documentation of their Facebook status updates. The errors found were then classified based on the linguistic category of errors. The study reveals the following findings in general the students committed two categories of errors syntactical and semantic errors. In the area of syntactical errors errors in the use of articles errors the use of plural form ellipsis subject- verb agreement sentence structures the use of preposition the use of tenses Part of Speech the use of pronouns and the use of noun modifiers are found. While in semantic errors diction and spelling come as the only error found. In syntactical error Ellipsis errors are the most error occurred. It reaches 26.24% of the whole errors. While in semantic errors diction errors are the most errors occurred. It reaches 12.73% of the 43 cases of errors in this category. Based on findings some suggestions are given to the teachers the students and also to the next researchers. The English teachers are expected to give more exercises and drillings dealing with the students problems. For the students they are hoped to learn and familiarize themselves with English structure and linguistic system and also pay more attention to the use of English grammar in order to improve their English ability. And the last for the next researchers it is expected to conduct a research in more specific aspect of English structures and rules.

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