Gender and language male characteristics by cosmopolitan and female characteristics by Da Man / Vikri Rozak Iskandar

Iskandar, Vikri Rozak (2018) Gender and language male characteristics by cosmopolitan and female characteristics by Da Man / Vikri Rozak Iskandar. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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vi ABSTRACT Iskandar, Vikri Rozak. 2017. Gender and Language: Male Characteristics by Cosmopolitan and Female Characteristics by Da Man. Thesis, Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: Drs. Arif Subiyanto, M.A. and M. Nasrul Chotib, S.S., M.Hum. Keywords: gender roles, male characteristics, female characteristics, Cosmopolitan, Da Man. Gender roles which revolve around the conception of male and female characteristics are socially and culturally constructed. A characteristic embedded to one certain sex in a society may be embedded to the other sex in different society. In this case, the conception of male and female characteristics is viewed from magazines as it is known that media are responsible in shaping the point of view of the society. In terms of media, women are traditionally portrayed as passive, nurturing, gentle, cooperative, and sensitive, while men are traditionally portrayed as logical, competitive, independent, assertive, and dominant. This study aims to find out how male characteristics are constructed by Cosmopolitan and how female characteristics are constructed by Da Man. Using the method of qualitative descriptive, this study provides explanation on how male and female characteristics are described from the opposite viewpoint. Upon collecting the data, the process was followed by content analysis. The result shows that men are capable of expressing their emotions and feelings as well as understanding other peopleÔÇÖs feelings and emotions, value emotional connection with other people, are appreciative, and are capable of performing more than one task at a time besides being strong and dominant. However, men are described as verbally inexpressive and they are not good at making small talks. On the other hand, women are described as hard working, adventurous, and empowering. The traditional characteristic of women that is caring can also be found in Da Man.

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