Grammatical errors made by the eighth grade students in their writing / Ninik Krismiati

Krismiati, Ninik (2018) Grammatical errors made by the eighth grade students in their writing / Ninik Krismiati. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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ABSTRACT Krismiati, Ninik. 2018. Grammatical Errors Made by the Eighth Grade Students in Their Writings. Thesis, English Department, English Language Teaching, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors (I) Dr. Ekaning Dewanti Laksmi, M.Pd., M.A (II)Drs. Andi Muhtar, M.A Key Words: Grammar, errors, writings. One of the skills in English which should be learned by junior high school students is writing.In the process of writing, the students should apply their knowledge in terms of grammatical rules and vocabulary. Hence, the students need the concepts of grammatical rules to make their writing grammatically correct. Without learning these concepts, the learners will make several errors in writing a text. An analysis is needed in order to know the types of errors which had been written by the students. This study was conducted in SMPN 9 Malang. The aims of this study is to describe the common errors made by junior high school students in writing a text and to find the source of errors in their writings. The research design of this study was descriptive qualitative. The instrument used in this study was a test. For the data collection, the researcher collected the data from the studentsÔÇÖ writings. The text types used in this study were recount text and descriptive text. The procedures for analyzing the data is based on Ellis and Barkhuizen theory (2008) namely: identifying, describing, and explaining the studentsÔÇÖ error. Fourteen error types adapted from AzarÔÇÖs (1989) were used for analyzing the data, namely: Singular-plural, word form, word choice, verb tense, add a word, omit a word, word order, incomplete sentence, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, article, meaning not clear, and run-on sentence. After classifiying and analyzing the data, the researcher found 311 errors in the studentsÔÇÖ writing. Omitting a word was the most frequent errors found according to the data analysis: 15.75 % of all the data. There were 48 errors of omit a word of the total numbers of 311 errors. The other types of error found in the data analysis wereverb tense(15.43 %), capitalization(15.11 %), add a word (9.64 %), punctuation and word order (8.68 %), word choice (8.36 %), spelling (4.82 %), singular-plural (3.53 %), incomplete sentence and meaning not clear (2.57 %), word form (1.92 %), run-on sentence (1.60 %), and article (1.28 %). It is concluded that grammar is the problem for EFL students. Based on the result of the study, the researcher suggests that English teachers should use a suitable strategy in teaching grammar, for example translation strategy. By applying a suitable strategy, the students could minimize their errors while they write a text.

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