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Mixing and switching languages in SMS messages / by Aulia Apriana

Aulia (2007) Mixing and switching languages in SMS messages / by Aulia Apriana. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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ABSTRACT AprianaA ulia.2 003.M ixinga ndS witchingL anguageisn SMSM essages. S-1T hesisE nglishD epartmenSt t ateU niversitoy f MalangA. clvisors (1) Drs.E ffendiK adarismanM .A PhD. ( 2) Dra.M irjarnA nugcralrwati. M.A. Key Words SMS L anguageM ixing L angr.ragSew itching Thiss tudya iursa t investigatinlagn guagner ixinga nds witchinglb undi n thel anguagoef them essagesse rt throughS MS.T hisr esearcihs tbcusseodn the factorsth ati nfluencep eopleto mix or switchl anguagewsh ent heya rer vritinga messagteh roughS MSa ndt her easonws hy peoplem ix theirB ehasaIn tlonesiu withE nglisho r switcht heirB ahasaIn donesiain toE nglisho r theo thelw ay aroundw hcnt hcya rcw ritinga nlcssagtch roughS MS. Theoreticallyth isr esearcihs expectedto enriclrt hes tudyo f sociolinguisticess p eciallayb oirtth es tr.rdoy1 languagneri xinga nd.switclring Practicalltyh i sr esearcihs hopedto broadepne ople us nderstandion1g rlre phenomenoonf mixinga nds rvitchingla nguageisn the SMSm essages Ther esearcdhe signo f thiss tudyi s descriptivqer .ralitativaen dt hes ource ofthe datao fthe researcihs in thef ornro f 100m essagerse ceivedb y thec ell phoneo f ther esearchewri thin fourn ronthsf r onrN ovemberI t 2002u ntil Februar2y8 2003. Ther esultss howt hatt herea ref ive factorsth ati nfluencep eoplet o rnix or switcht heirl anguagewsh ent heya rew ritinga messagteh ror.rgShM S.- l hey ar.e (l) thec ontenot fthe conversatio(n2 ) t hef ormalityo fthec onversatio(n3.) rhe participants(4 ) thee ffectivenesosf them essagea n d( 5) thel imitation rf rhe sPace. Then t herea ren iner easonws hy peoplem ix theirB ahqsaIn doncsiaw itll Englisho r switcht heirB ahasaIn donesiain to Englisho r theo therw ay aroulld. whent heya rew ritinga nessageth roughS MS.T heya re ( I ) talkinga bouta particulatro pic ( 2) beinge rnphatiac bouts omething( 3 ) sentencfell lerso r sentencceo nnector(s4 ) r epetitioLnr setdb r clarification(5 ) intentiono l clalilying thes peeccho ntenfto r interlocuto(r6 )e xpressinggr oupi dentity(.7 )s olteninogr stlengtheninregq uesotr command(8 ) rcall cxicanl ceda nd( 9) lbr.tlrcs akeo l efliciency. Fronrt ltet esultsit i s seenth atn rosyt oungI ndonesiaSnM Ss eurlertse nd to n ixr -rsl witcht hcirl a ngu rgcusn clctrh. ci nllucrrcocl thcl br.rrraliolyt rhe oonversatiowuh iclrn reantsh atw hent lrcyw litea ntessagtelr r.ougShM S t hcy liket o mix or switcht heirl anguageass l onga st hes ettingis notl eallyl ormalI.t is alsos eenth att heyl ike to mix or switcht heirl anguagetso exprestsh ei r gr.or.rp identityw hichm eansth att heyw antt o showt heirm embershiipn a conrmunity of whichthem emberasr ea blet o useb othE nglisha ndB uhusuIn clonestuwlten theya res endinga n SMSm essage.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Subjects: ?? ??
Divisions: Fakultas Sastra (FS) > Departemen Sastra Inggris (ING) > S1 Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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Date Deposited: 22 Jan 2007 04:29
Last Modified: 09 Sep 2007 03:00
URI: http://repository.um.ac.id/id/eprint/10592

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