English department students' diction in their sentences at State University of Malang / by Luki Emiliya Hidayat - Repositori Universitas Negeri Malang

English department students' diction in their sentences at State University of Malang / by Luki Emiliya Hidayat

Luki Emiliya (2007) English department students' diction in their sentences at State University of Malang / by Luki Emiliya Hidayat. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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ABS [RACT HidayaLt u ki Emiliya 2002E nglishD epartmenSt tudentsD iction in Their Sentenceast S tateU niversiWo f MalangT. hesisD epartmenotf English gducationF acultyo f Lefiers S tateU niversityo f MalangA dvisors ( l) Prof. Dr. SiusanKa weldju M .Pd. ( lI) Drs.A ndi Mukhtar M .A. Keywordsd i ction s pecificw ords g enerawl ords i nappropriate/inaccurate/ imprecise/inconewcot rds s entence Choiceo f wordso r dictioni s a basist o thet houghto f processw hichs hould beb otha ccuratea nde ffectivei n ordert o carrys ymbolst hat conveyc oncepts. Accuracdye alsw ith the specificityo flanguage.G eneravl ocabularyla belst o an experiencbeu t specificv ocabularyis both to labela ndd escribed etailso fthe experiencteh.i s studyi s conductedto describew hetherE nglishD epartmenst tudents ari ablet o produces pecificw orclsa se xpectedt h ey ares till in gerlerawl ords o r even theya rei ncorrect/inaccurate/imprecise/inappropwrioartdes Thep opulationo f thes tudyw asf reshmena nds ophomorset udentosf English EducatioDn epartmentT. he populationc onsistedo f four classesa ndt wo classesw ere useda st hes amplew hichi nvolvedl 8 tieshmens tudentasn d 16s ophomorset udents. Thei nstrumenut sedt o collectt he dataw asa writtent esti n which the studentsw ere askedto describFe erdnancdo mics tripsi nto sentence(bsy) usingl 2 wordsa t least. Fromt he datao btainedt h e studentsc hoiceo fwords werec ategorizeidn to specificw ords( l) generawl ords( 2) a ndi nappropriate/inaccurate/imprecise/ incorrecwt ords( 3).M osto f thes tudentst ill producedg enerawl ords( 46-l6 %) and evenin accwate/inconecVimpreicnisaepip ropriatweo rds( 32.51%)O. nly2 1 33oho t thes tudenths avet he abitityt o producee xpecteds pecificw ords.W hent he students encounteurn familiarw ords t heyt endt o find refugeeto theirl exicalt eddyb ears whicht heyl eameda t an earlys tagea ndu suallyg enerawl ords.T he studentsa lsor ely ont heirL i asp roductionst rategyw hichd oesn ota lwaysr esulti n pcrsitivter ansfcr. Ther esultsa lsoi mplyt hatt hem aiorc ausein fluencingti le studentsw ords productioins theirl imitedv ocabularsyt ze. Sincet he studentss till havel ow dictionlstylistics kill the studentsn eedt o startt heir autonomoulse amingb y choosinga uthenticm aterialsl i ke English newspaperms a gazinese n cyciopediae t c.T hesem odelt extsa rea rich resoutceo f stylisiice lementsN. ext t he studentsc ani solatet he general-specifiwc.o rdsa ndt he low frequencyc ollocationsa ndt henl ist them.T he studentsc anm akes ome analyicil exercisea f terwardsF.i nally t heyh avet o leama ndm emcrizew hatt hey havec ollectedo vera ndo vera gainf or retentiona ndf utureu se. As theE nglishD epartmenstt udentsst ill lacks ufficienvt ocabularyit is worthwhilet o considerc onductingE nglishv ocabularyc oursea t EnglishD epartment of StateU niversityo f Malang w hich is not availablea t the presentI n this courseth e studentsc ani mprbvet heir vocabularys izei n ordert o havea betters tylistico r diction skrll a ndf or thi teacherst h eyc anc hecka ndg ive studentse xtrav ocabularyli st to be memorized. Moreover the teacher can give the students various authentic materials which are rich with stylistic elements so that the srudentsc an isolate the general-specific vocabularya nd make analyticale xercise a fterwards.T his activity can be donei n an ExtensiveR eadingc ourse w hich has only 2 hourst ime allotment thus it is necessary to give additional time allotment for Extensive Reading course that the students will have more time to learn with more authentic materials as well. The resultso f the studyh aven ot beenc ompletein revealingth e English Departmenst tudents d iction skill. Thercfore t he next researchersa rc suggestedth at theyc onductr epetitiono fthis studyo n largerp opulationb y usingl argers arnpleT. his studya boutd ictioni s limited on ones tylistics kill that is general-specihwco rds productions o it is suggestetdh at next researchercso nductI studya bouto ther ylistic skills.T he usageo f instrumenbt esidesth e onew hich employedin this study is also suggested.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Subjects: ?? ??
Divisions: Fakultas Sastra (FS) > Departemen Sastra Inggris (ING) > S1 Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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Date Deposited: 22 Jan 2007 04:29
Last Modified: 09 Sep 2007 03:00
URI: http://repository.um.ac.id/id/eprint/10590

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