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English teaching strategies at junior high schools in Pamekasan / by Dwi Yuar Listiana

Dwi Yuar (2007) English teaching strategies at junior high schools in Pamekasan / by Dwi Yuar Listiana. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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ABSTRACT Listian4 Dwi Yuar. 2002. E nglishT eachingSnategieast J tmiorH igh Schoolsin PqmekasanT.h esisE. nglishD epartnrenFl acultyo f LettersS. tateU nivenity of MalangA. dvisors( I )M. AdnanL atief M .A Ph.D.( D Dra.S ri Widayati M.RIKey words E nglisht eachingS trategiesJ u niorH igh Schools This studyi s conductedto geti nformationa boutt het eachinga ndl eaming procesas t sixj unior higlrs choolsin PamekasaSn.p ecificallyt h is studya imsa t describinga nde valuating(1 ) the instructionaml aterials( 2 ) ttrci nstuqtionalm edig (3) thet eachingle aminga ctivitiesa ppliedb y the Englisht eacheras sa parto f tbeir strategieisn teachingre adingl istening speakinga ndw riting and( a) the studen participationto wardt bet achingle arningp rocessin theE nglishc lasses. This strldyi s descriptive-enaluatiwveh icht riest o geta descriptiono f the Englishte achings mtegiesa tj unior highs choolsin Pamekasaann de valuateit objectivelyin accordancwei th the demando f 1994E nglishC uniculum( supplerrent of 199 EnglishG BPP)T. het echniqueosf data collectionu seda reo bservation questionnairaen di nterview.T hed ataf rom observationqs u estionnaireasn d interviewsa rep resenteidn a descripivew ayt o bee valuatedin ordert o take conclusions. Thef indingso fthe studyr evealt hef ollowingc onclusionasb out het eaching of thef our langrragsek ills readingl istenings peakinga ndw riting( l) Mosto f the Englishte acherast j unior highs choolsin Pamekasatna ket hei nstruc tionaml aterials ftomt extbooke xcepot net eachewr ho alsou sesL KS ass upplementamrya toials ( 2) thei nstuctionalm ediaa res eldomu sedb ecausteh es choolsd o not providet he teacherws ith sufficientm edi4 (3) thet eachingle aminga ctivitiesa ppliedb y the Englishte acherasr em ostlyg ooda ndi n line with thed emando f 1994E nglish Cuniculums incet hea ctivitiesd eveloptl rc languages kills andm asteryo f the languagceo mponentisn tegratedlay nda lsoi ntendt o bev ariousa ndc ommunicative that involve all ofthe class memben (4) most of the studefts are not active in taking partt o thet eachingle arninga ctivitiesin thec lass. Basedo n the findings t her esearchesru ggesttsh at( l) thet eacherst rouldn ot dependo n thet extbooko nly in usingi nstructionaml aterialsT. huys houlda lsou se otheri nstructionaml aterialss ucha sa rticlesf rom magazinesn e wspapear n da lso storyb ooks s ot hatw hent he studentst udyE nglisht heir knowledgeis not limitedb y thea mounot f materialsfo undi n thet extbookT heys houlda lsou sei nstructional mediato athactt he studentsa ttentiona ndm akethet eachinga ndl eaminge asya nd alsoc reateth eir own instnrctionaml ediaif the schoolsd o not providet hemw ith the instuctionaml edia.T heys houldu s m orev ariousa ctivitiest hata rem orei nteresting for thes tudentisn conductingth e Englisht eachinga ndl earningp rocess(.2 ) the schoopl rincipless houldin volvet heE nglisht eacherisn inservicetr ainingo r seminar to givet hema newv isiono f thet eachingo f EnglishT. heys houldb em ores ensitive

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Date Deposited: 22 Jan 2007 04:29
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