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Using total phisical response in teaching English to young learners / by Purnaningsih

UNSPECIFIED (2007) Using total phisical response in teaching English to young learners / by Purnaningsih. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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fhis studyi s conductetdo investigatteh ee ffecto fl pR techniquoen the studentsa c hievemenrnt Englishc omparewd ith thato f thec onventionaplr actrc.e Oner esearcphr oblemis phrasedp reciselya sf ollows I s TpR techniquem ore effectiveth ant hec onventionatel chniquien teachingE nglishto youngl eamers Furthermorteh e r esearchy pothesipsr oposetdb r ther esearcphr oblemis thatin teachingE nglishto youngl earnersT P Ri s moree ffectiveth ant hcc onvenfional techniqueI.n ordert o answert he researchp roblem a quasie xperimentasl tudyw as caniedo ut.T he sr.rb ecwtse ret wo classeso f the grade-threset udentso f sD Lab UM classA consistinogf 37 studentsa s t hec ontrolg roup w hereasc l assB consisting of35 studentsa s t hee xpenmentaglr oupB. othc lassews eret aken asi ntactg roups sinceth erew asn o randomizationIn. additiont o seet hes ignificandt ifference betweetnh et wo teachingte chniquese f fectso n studentsa chievemenbto thg roups werep retesteda ndp osttestedT.h e datag atheredfr om this primaryi nstrumen-t pretesat ndp osttestw- erea nalyzesdt atisticalluys ingt hea nalysios f covariance. Besidesth es econdariyn strumenstu cha sq uesticnnaireisn t erviewa ndo bservation sheewt erea lsoa ppliedt o supportth e primaryd ata.T he resulto f the statistical analysiso f the primaryd atas howst hat the null hypothesias t .05 level of significance wasr ejecteda ndt he altemativeh ypothesisw asa cceptedI.t couldb e concludedth at TPRi s moree ffectivet hant he conventionapl racticein teachingE nglisht o young leamersT. his finding rvass upportedb y the secondardy ata.I t showst hat botht he studentas ndt he teacherg avep ositiver esponsetso wardt he implementatioonf rpR in classl.n accordw rtht her esearcfhin dingsa boves omes uggestionres latedto the adoptiono fTPR asa techniquoef teachingE nglishto youngl earneras rea ddressed to theE nglishte acherosf elementarsyc hoolst e achetrr ainersa ndo therr esearchers. v11

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Subjects: ?? ??
Divisions: Fakultas Sastra (FS) > Departemen Sastra Inggris (ING) > S1 Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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Date Deposited: 22 Jan 2007 04:29
Last Modified: 09 Sep 2007 03:00

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