A study on the English conversation class as an extracurriculum activity at SMUN 9 Malang / by Maya Soefiyati - Repositori Universitas Negeri Malang

A study on the English conversation class as an extracurriculum activity at SMUN 9 Malang / by Maya Soefiyati

Maya (2007) A study on the English conversation class as an extracurriculum activity at SMUN 9 Malang / by Maya Soefiyati. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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In Meaningf lnessA pproach t he emphasiso f rearninga foreign languageis usingt he targetl anguageu su meunso f communicartioens. -stateain e yttalus_o f teachingE nglishin SeniorH igh school t he objectiveo f teaching English.int he geniorh igh schooli n lndonesii is to maket he siudentsp ossess motivationa nda bilities( to.communicatein) Englisht hat is in reading listening s peakinga ndw iting. So t he regularE nglishc laisesh avet i-deal with four languages kills in a very limited time. officially the main focuso f the teachingo f Englishi n Indonesiai s on the readings -titt.l n fact ideally t he aim ofteachinga foreignl anguageis to enablet he studentsto speakt tt. t g.t languageM. oreover i n this globalizatione ra English.p uking stitt isiigtrty neededm oret hant he otherE nglishs kills. -- - - Ideally a speciaEl ngrishs peakingc rasss houldb e conducteda t school but it cannotb e insertedto the regulare ngtistrc lassesI.n line with this issue a n Englishc onversatiocnl asss eemsto be a goodw ay to improvea ndm otivatet le studentsto speakt he target languageT. hJquestion left is whethera conversation classa sa n extracurriculaar ctivityi s really ionducteda sw ell ast he expectation. The presenst tudya imsa t describingth e Englishc onversationrl u extracurricular activtry at SMUN 9 Malang. It includes the purpose of conductingth e Englishc onversationc lass t he facilitiesu ndm at6riulsu sedb y thet eachert h e teachinga ndl earningp rocesst h e teacher sa ndt he students opiniona boutt he program a ndt he effectso fhaving an Englishc onversation classa sa n extracurriculaar ctivityt o the students. The subjectso f this study were the first grades tudentsw hoj oined the Englishc onversationc lassa sa n extmcurricularactivitya t SMUN l vut g. This study was descriptive with the design of single case study. The data were collectedtf uoughq uestionnaireisn t erviiw documentationa n do bservation. The data from the interview documentationa nd observationw ere analyzed descriptivelyT. he dataf rom the studentsq uestionnairewse rea nalyz dt o find the percentagoef students r esponseasn da lso analyzeddescriptiverieyl atedt o the reasonso f the answer. The finding showglhatt he purposeo fconductingt he English Conversatiocnl assa t SMLIN9 Malangw ast o motivateihes tudJntsto speak l l l using the targetl anguageT. he low speakinga bility ofstudentsg raduatedfr om SMU who hadb eens tudyingE nglishf or six years a lsob ecameth e considerationfo r the schoolt o providet he studentsw ith betterE nglish proficiencye speciallyin speakingT. he extracurriculaar ctivitya lsoa imsa t developingth e studentss elf-confidencaen de ncouragintgh e studentsto uset he targetl anguagea sa meanso f communication. Another finding shows that the facilities and materials used by the teacherw erep rovidedb y BOMS (BantuanO perasionaMl anajemenS ekolah) the schooli tsel the parents a ssociationt h e teacher a nd the sfudents themselvesM. ost of the fund was then usedt o provide the programw ith the facilitiesn eededT. he materialsfo r the speakinga ctivitiesw erei n the form of a handbookw hich wasc onstructedb y the teacherh rmself.I t couldg ivet he studentsm orec ommunicative xercises. The third finding wasa boutt he teachinga ndl earningp rocessin the English Conversation class as an extracurricular activity at SMLJN 9 Malang. The classw asc onductedtw ice a week e veryS aturdaya nd Sundayo utsideth e schoolh ours.T he materialsfr om the supplemenbt ook wereu seda st he main practicel essonsin the teachinga ndl earningp rocess. The next finding wast he teacher sa nds fudentso piniona boutt he progam. Both the teachera nd studentse njoyedt he programv ery much.T heir willingness and high motivation were the most important factors of the success of the implementationo f the program. The last finding showst hat the EnglishC onversationcl assc onduotedb y SMLIN9 Malangg aveg oode ffectst o the studentsw hoj oined the program.I t couldb e seenf rom the studentsa bility in speakingu singt he targetl anguage. Basedo n the positivef indings i t is suggestetdh at theE nglish Conversationc lasss houldb e conducteda s a compulsorye xtracurriculara ctivity regardlesosf somel imitationss ucha sf und capablete achersa nda lsof acilities. So t he aim ofteachingE nglish w hich is to enablet he studentsto possess motivationa nda bilitiesi n communicationu sinsE nelishc anb e reached appropriately. l v

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