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Methods of teaching reading comprehension at MAN II Malang / by Ida Isnawati

Ida (2007) Methods of teaching reading comprehension at MAN II Malang / by Ida Isnawati. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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Thep resenst tudya imsa t describingth e methodso f teachingr eading comprehensioanp pliedb y the Englisht eachersin MAN 3 Malangw hich includes teachingp roceduresre adingm aterials electiona ndu seo finstructionalm edia.I t also aimsa tfindingt he studentsp ercepiono f their teachersm ethodso f teachingr eading comprehension. Besidesth e readingt eacherst e achingm ethoda lsop laysa significantr ole in readingc lasss incew ithoutm ethod a teacherw ill not be ablet o achGvet he desired learning.I n readingi nstruction t here are many methodst hat can be appliedb y the readingte achersS. omeo f thema rep roposedb y Hayes( 1992).H is mlitrodsg enerally havet he samec haracteristicsw ith the communicativea pproacha nd are useda st he primaryr eferenceo fthis study. Thes ubjectso f this studyw eret he threeE nglisht eacherso f MAN 3 Malang andt het hreec lasseos f studentso f MAN 3 Malangw hich weret akenr andomlyT. his udy wasd escriptivew ith the designo f singlec ases tudy.T he dataw erec olletted througho bservationi n terview documentationa nd studentq uestionnairesT. he data obtainedf rom observationi n terview and documentationw ere analvsedu sins an analysisg uidelinew hile the dataf rom the studenqt uestionnairewse rea nalys-ed usingt ally systemto find out the percentage. Thef indingss howt hat in generalt h e methodo f teachingr eading compreherniona ppliedb y the threet eachersi n MAN 3 Malang ii in tinJwittr ttre theoryo freadingi nstructione speciallyth at proposedb y thec 6nnectiong uestion methodI.n generalt h et eachingp rocedureos fthe threet eachersc anb e rited from goodt o veryg oodb ecauseth ey did variousa ctivitiesi n eachs tage.T heir selectiono f readingm aterialsc an be ratedf air becauseth ey took the readinginaterialsf rom one textbooko nly exceptt eacherc who was ratedg ood sinces hes ometimesm adeu seo f materialsfr om others ourcesT. heir useo f instructionalm edia can be ratedf air except teacheAr whoseu seo finstructional media is rateda s poor sinceh e neveru seda ny instructionaml ediai n the readingc lass. Anotherf indings howst hat the studentsp erceptiono f their teachersm ethod of teachingis positive e xceptf or teacherc . Thoset eachersc oulds uccessfullryn ake the studentsin teresteda nd motivated w hile teacherc failed to do so becauseb fher low voicet hat madeh ert eachingm onotonous. Basedo n the findings i t is suggestetdh at the readingt eachersn ot to useo ne rnethod only but also other methods with more variations on teaching procedures materiasl electiona ndu seo f instructionaml edia. In selectingth e readingm aterials I theya res uggestetdo be morec reativet hanjust relyingo n ones ourceo freading materialsB. ecauseo f the importanceo f the instructionaml edia i t is suggestefdo r the teachertso usea nd prepareth em well. In ordert o maket he readingc lassi nteresting andt he studentsm otivatedt h e readingt eachersa rea lsos uggestetdo makes uret hat their voice is clear to all ofthe students.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
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Divisions: Fakultas Sastra (FS) > Departemen Sastra Inggris (ING) > S1 Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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Date Deposited: 22 Jan 2007 04:29
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