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Cohesion in Newsweek advertisements a discourse analysis / by Sugianto

UNSPECIFIED (2007) Cohesion in Newsweek advertisements a discourse analysis / by Sugianto. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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This studyi s aimeda t describingty peso f cohesived evicesu sedi n Newsweeka dvertisementasn dt he o_ccurencoef eacht ype.F urthert h iss tudy triest o revealt he underlyingre asonsfo r usingc ertaint ypeso f cohesived evices in advertisementes s peciallyth osew hichh aveh ighf requencyo f occunence. Advertisemeinst t akens incei t is a kindo f languagein use m eaningit is a kind of discourseA. dvertisernenhta s uniquec haracteristiccso mparedw itho ther kindso f discourseF. irst a dvertisementasr e presentedto an audienceth at actuallyd oesn otw antt o reado r listent o them S econd a dvertisementhsa ve the abilityt o persuadet heira udienceto do certaint hings T he writerc lassifies thea dvertisernenitnst oe ightc lassificationosn the basiso f the natureo f the productsb einga dvertisedn amelyt echnologyf li ght t ourisma gencye ducation appliancec lothinga ndo therc ategoryS. tratifiedra ndoms amplinga nd purposivera ndoms amplinga ppliedi n thiss tudyh aver esuftedin 24 advertisementsD.a taa nalysisis conducteda s follorrtrisd e ntifoinagl l cohesive devicesu sed determiningfr equencyo f occunenceo f eacht ype( computintgh e percentage)t r ansformintgh e datac ollectedin tov erbalformin eachg roupo f data i nterpretinglo gicallyth e researchfi ndings. Thiss tudyh aso btainedth e followingr esults.T hef irst is in termso f grammaticaclo hesived evicesw hichc ompriser eferencee llipsis s ubstitution andc onjunctionO. f the threet ypeso f referencep ersonarle ferencea ppearsto havet he highestf requenryo f occurrence(8 6.4%)T. heo thert wo referenceas re dernonstrativ(e1 0.6)a nd comparative(3 %).O f the threet ypeso f ellipsisv erbal ellipsisp lacest he highestf requenryo f occunence(5 3.5%)a ndt henf ollowedb y nominael llipsis(2 9.60/a0n) dc lausael llipsig(1 6.90/0E)l.l ipsism akest he sentencesa ppeare ffectivea nde fficientO. f the threet ypeso f substitutiontw o of theme xisti n Newsweeka dvertisementsn o minasl ubstitution(8 6.7%)a nd clausals ubstitution(1 3.3o/oO).f the fivet ypeso f conjunctiona d ditivec onjunc ion is mostlyu sed( 57.1%)T. hef ollowinga rea dversativ(e2 2.5o/ote m pora(l8 .6%) causa(l 8.6%)a ndo therc onjunction(s2 .8%). The second is in terms of lexical cohesive devices. This type of cohesive devicec omprisestw o majorc lasses n amelyr eiterationa ndc ollocationO. f the fivet ypeso f reiterationr e petitionh ast he highestf requencyo f occurrence 1t4.2%)T. heo thersa reh yponym(1 4.2%)s ynonym(1 O%)a n dm etonym tl (0.8%)c. ollocationw hichd ealsw itht he relationshipb etweenw ordso n the basis thatt heseo fteno ccuri n the sames unoundingis alsou tilized. Basedo n the resulto f thiss tudy r ecommendationasr e proposedto Englishte achersE nglishs tudentsa dvertisemenwtsr iters a nd future researchersT.h e Englisht eacherss houldp aym orea ttentionto the significance of usingc ohesived evicesin maintainingth e continuityo f thoughta nd idea presentedin a pieceo f compositionE. nglishs tudentss houldm asterE nglish cohesived evicest hatw ill enablet hemt o createe ffectivea nd efricient persuasivceo mpositionsA.d vertisementwsi ll broadenth eirk nowledgea bout Englishin use.A dvertisemenwt riterss houldt ry to createm oree ffec ivea nd efiicienat dvertisementtsh ata llowt he audienceto comprehendth emq uicklya nd area blet o maket hemd o certaint hingsa s theye xpect.F inallyt h e resultso f this studyc an be useda s a referenceb y the futurer esearcherisn conductings tudies in thes amef ieldt hatw illc ontributteo thes tudyo f discourse. iii

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Subjects: ?? ??
Divisions: Fakultas Sastra (FS) > Departemen Sastra Inggris (ING) > S1 Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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Date Deposited: 22 Jan 2007 04:29
Last Modified: 09 Sep 2007 03:00

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