Improving senior high school students' performance in writing recount texts through diary writing technique / Tria Azizah

Azizah, Tria (2018) Improving senior high school students' performance in writing recount texts through diary writing technique / Tria Azizah. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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SUMMARY Azizah, Tria, 2018. Improving Senior High School StudentsÔÇÖ Performance In Writing Recount tExt through Diary Writing Technique. Thesis, Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (1) Dra.NunungSuryati, M.Pd., Ph.D. (2) Prof.Drs.BambangYudiCahyono, M.Pd., M.A., Ph.D. Keywords: Writing Performance, Diary Writing, Recount Text This research was aimed at examining the implementation of diary writing as a technique to improve the writing skills of the tenth-grade students of SMKN 3 Malang inthe academic year of 2018/2019. This research was classroom action research study. The subjects of this research were 25 students of grade X APH 2 and the English teacher. This research used two types of data, namely qualitative data and quantitative data. The qualitative data were obtained through an interview with the English teacher in preliminary study. Meanwhile, the quantitative data were questionnaire, observation sheet and the results of the studentsÔÇÖ writing before the implementation of the actions (pre-test) and after the implementation of the actions (post-test). There were some activities that I set in teaching a diary. Those are :1. Explaining to the students about recount text in the form of diary in every meeting, 2. Asking the students to work in groups in every meeting. 3. Asking the students to arrange a paragraph in the first meeting. 4. Asking the students to correct grammatical error in the second meeting. 5. Providing the students, a diary book. 6. Asking the students to write a diary in the last of activity in every meeting. and 7. Giving the students, oral and written feedbacks. In regard to the actions performed in one cycle, the use of diary writing technique was effective in improving the studentsÔÇÖ writing performance in recount texts based on the following evidences. The students were able to participate in the classroom activities regularly and did the tasks well in every single meeting after getting the knowledge during the learning process. There were some significant improvements in the studentsÔÇÖ writing on the three aspects of writing as shown in diary writing they wrote since the first meeting until the last one and also from the results of post test. The score of pre-test was 58.92. In the first meeting the mean of the studentsÔÇÖ writing was 65.08. The increasing score between pre-test and the score of the studentsÔÇÖ writing in the first meeting was 6.16. Then, it increased in the second meeting, the mean was 68.04. It means the studentsÔÇÖ score increase up to 3.04. The mean score for the third meeting was 75.16. The increasing score between the second meeting and the score of the studentsÔÇÖ writing in the third meeting was 7.12. The last one (post test), the mean is 79.6 so the increasing score between the score of the studentsÔÇÖ in the third meeting and post test was 4.10 which definitely proved the success of the research conducted in the class X APH 3. The English teacher should consider at giving more attention on the writing skills. The teacher should consider using diary writing as a technique to provide more writing practices to the students both in the classroom and outside the classroom. Since writing is a skill, the more students write, the better their v writing will be. Besides, the result of this research can be used as one of references for other researchers who want to conduct the similar study related to the use of diary writing with other text types.

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