A Comparative study of students' reading achievement among natural science social science and language programs / Virna Hafizha Ihwan

Ihwan, Virna Hafizha (2018) A Comparative study of students' reading achievement among natural science social science and language programs / Virna Hafizha Ihwan. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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SUMMARY Ihwan Virna Hafizha. 2018. A Comparative Study of Students Reading Achievement among Natural Science Social Science and Language Programs. Thesis Department of English Faculty of Letters Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors (1) Dra. Sri Andreani M.Ed. (2) Prof. H. Ali Saukah M.A. Ph.D. Keywords Reading Comprehension Natural Science Social Science and Language Programs The objective of this research is to compare the eleventh grade students reading comprehension in the three different programs of the Senior High School the Natural Science (IPA) Social Science (IPS) and Language (BAHASA) programs. The research was carried out at SMA Negeri 4 Malang on May 2018. The method of this study was a comparative study. The subject were three groups of eleventh graders. They were the students of Natural Science program (n 34) Social Science program (n 35) and Language program (n 22). The total number was 91 students. The instrument used in this research is reading comprehension test interview and observation. The data was analyzed by using the analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the follow-up test by Tukey s Honestly Significant Difference (HSD). The results showed that the reading comprehension scores among the three classes are different at a significant value of 0.001 which is smaller than 0.05 (the level of significance). There is no significant difference between the Natural Science and Language programs. The average score of the Social Science students is the lowest of the three groups and those of the Language class is the highest. There must be another factor affecting the students reading comprehension achievement. The result of the interview with the English teacher showed that the students characteristics motivation and interest in reading are different. They have different input or knowledge that can be connected to the reading text they read. Furthermore they also have different behavior and English proficiency whether before they started senior high school or the program. In addition the result of the observation showed that the students participation and the class situation during reading comprehension test were different. The Social Science students showed not more enthusiast and disorganized than the Natural Science and Language students. This research can guide English teachers to improve their teaching methods and give more motivation to the students to achieve better result in reading comprehension. The study can also inform us to know the real about the students in Natural Science Social Science and Language programs regarding their reading comprehension achievement. Furthermore this research also can guide future researcher to conduct similar research in term of the research method and the topic. This research involves only one school. Thus future researchers are i expected to involve more than one school because every school has different characteristics students and the teacher. ii

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