Using think pair share strategy to improve eleventh gradersÔÇÖ speaking skill on explanation texts / Brillian Wahyu Andrian

Andrian, Brillian Wahyu (2018) Using think pair share strategy to improve eleventh gradersÔÇÖ speaking skill on explanation texts / Brillian Wahyu Andrian. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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i SUMMARY Andrian, Brillian Wahyu. Rhetorical Moves in the Introduction Section of Research Articles by English Department Students. Thesis, Department of English, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Dra. Nunung Suryati, M.Ed., Ph.D. (II) Dr. Niamika El Khoiri, S.Pd, M.A. Key words: Think-Pair-Share, speaking, Senior High School Speaking is one of the central elements of communication in EFL learning. However, for those whose native language is not English, it is inevitable that they find speaking in English not as easy as speaking in their native language. A teacher should implement a strategy that provides an enjoyable learning which can help the students improve their speaking skills confidently. This research aims to improve the speaking skill of 11th graders of Public Senior High School 1 Sooko by employing Think-Pair-Share strategy (TPS). The preliminary research showed that the student had difficulty in conveying their ideas. The other problems dealt with their weak or poor pronunciation and grammar and their small vocabulary size. TPS, as an active learning strategy, was chosen as it was intended to give the students opportunities to convey their ideas by actively participating in discussion with their friends. To achieve the objective, Classroom Action Research (CAR) was carried out involving a series of cycles that include planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The research was done in four meetings. In the orientation stage, the researcher introduced explanation text as the material to the students and practice speaking with the text using TPS strategy. In the following two meetings, the students were regularly given interaction speaking tasks on the explanation text using TPS strategy. In the last meeting, a speaking test was given and their performance was scored. Following that, the students were given a questionnaire on their responses towards the use of TPS strategy. Observation checklists and field notes from the observers were collected as well. The findings showed that 25 students (78.13%) out of 32 could successfully pass the minimum passing grade (75). The highest score was 92 achieved by 1 student (3.13%) and the lowest score was 58 achieved by 2 students (6.25%). The mean of the final score was 77.21. After the implementation of TPS strategy, it could be seen that there was improvement in studentsÔÇÖ speaking skill. Furthermore, the result of the observation checklist showed that the studentsÔÇÖ active participation during the implementation improved. The result of the questionnaire related to the students' response towards the use of TPS strategy in speaking class also confirmed the results of the observation in which the students showed positive responses towards it. Finally, the researcher concluded that TPS strategy successfully improved the studentsÔÇÖ speaking skill. In addition, they were also actively involved in the speaking activity. The studentsÔÇÖ speaking performance showed that most students were able to speak and communicate in English better after the implementation of TPS strategy.

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