Using genre-based approach to improve studentsÔÇÖ ability in writing a procedure text / Aditya Bagus Pradana

Pradana, Aditya Bagus (2018) Using genre-based approach to improve studentsÔÇÖ ability in writing a procedure text / Aditya Bagus Pradana. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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iv ABSTRACT Pradana, Aditya Bagus. 2018. Using Genre-Based Approach to Improve StudentsÔÇÖ Ability in Writing A Procedure Text. SarjanaÔÇÖs Thesis. Universitas Negeri Malang: Department of English. Advisors: (1) Prof. Dr. Nur Mukminatien, M.Pd., (2) Drs. Andi Muhtar, M.A. Key words: Text genre, procedure text, approach, method, writing ability. Writing skill is one of the difficult skills in English. Many students struggle to master writing more than the other skills: listening, reading and speaking. In Vocational Schools, learning a procedure text appears to be a need for the students. The studentsÔÇÖ ability was below the standard reflected on their scores. In order to improve studentsÔÇÖ ability to produce a procedure text, the use of genre is useful. Thus, this research utilizes the use of genre to specify the learning focus in SMKN 1 Jenangan Ponorogo. The researcher used Classroom Action Research (CAR) design. The data were collected by conducting interview, observation, and analyzing studentsÔÇÖ writing. In implementing the technique, the researcher used Genre Based Approach (GBA). The instruments were observation sheets, interview guide, and writing test. The researcher found that using genre-based approach can improve the studentsÔÇÖ ability in writing a procedure text. From the research finding, it can be concluded that there are twenty-one students (65.6%) who have already passed the standard minimum score (75) in final test which surpasses the criteria of success in this study where the target is minimum 60% from the total students. In other words, genre-based approach can improve the studentsÔÇÖ writing ability in terms of studentsÔÇÖ final achievement. Some conclusions that can be drawn are the following. First, the use of genre-based approach made students understand the fundamental aspects of the text by implementing two stages which are Building Knowledge of the Field (BKoF) and Modeling of the Text (MoT). Second, the drafting stages applied during the learning process made students write without being afraid to make mistakes and be able to get feedback from others which can be implemented in Joint Construction of the Text (JCoT) and Independent Construction of the Text (ICoT). The researcher suggests for English teachers to use genre-based approach because it gives comprehensive overview and evaluation of using genre-based approach in improving senior high school studentsÔÇÖ ability in writing, especially in a procedure text.

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