Improper syntactic aspects found in the English textbook of VII graders of junior high school / Fennia Nur Aini

Aini, Fennia Nur (2017) Improper syntactic aspects found in the English textbook of VII graders of junior high school / Fennia Nur Aini. Diploma thesis, Universitas Negeri Malang.

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ABSTRACT Aini, F.N. 2017. Improper Syntactic Aspects Found in the English Textbook of VII Graders of Junior High School. Thesis, English Department, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (I) Dr. Johannes A.Prayogo, M.Pd., M.Ed.; (II) Aulia Apriana, S.S., M.Pd. Key words: textbook, improper syntactic aspects, problematic sentence. Nowadays, English has become a compulsory subject that should be taught in school.In order to help young learners to understand more about English, using textbooks is one of many ways that the teacher can do to enhance the young learnersÔÇÖ level of competence. Unfortunately, not all textbooks are qualified as a good textbook. The materials in those textbooks are not always competent with any teaching and learning circumstances. This study aims at finding out the improper syntactic aspects and the syntactic analysis about those aspects. The findings of this study are conducted to show the readers the sort of syntactic analysis used in the English textbook. This study is also conducted to give an explanation on how the findings are investigated. Also, this study is expected to be useful for teachers, book writers, and future researchers. This study was conducted using descriptive qualitative research.The researcher obtained the data from the English textbook under the title When English Rings a Bell grade level VII published by Kementrian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan. The data of this study were taken mainly by analyzing the textbook. The data in this study consist of qualitative data in the form of description, analysis of the sentencesÔÇÖ structure, and explanation about how the improper sentences should be improved. The primary instrument in this study is the researcher herself and the supporting instruments are computer, filled notes, and also internet access. The study found fivekinds of improper syntactic aspects in the English textbook: syntactic ambiguity in phrase reference (6 items), syntactic ambiguity in part of speech (4 items), missing articles (4 items), incorrect use of countable and uncountable noun (1 item), and syntactic ambiguity in modifier scope (1 item). For the syntactic ambiguities in phrase reference, the complemental phrase can modify more than one word from the sentence. In the syntactic ambiguity in part of speech, the book uses gerunds which can be interpreted as both noun and verb. This book also contained some missing articlesin the sentences. There is also one sentence that actually should use countable noun instead of uncountable noun due to the context of the sentence itself. The last is the syntactic ambiguity in modifier scope. From the only datum of this improper syntactic aspect, the scope of the modifier can be interpreted into more than one meaning. Based on the findings and the discussion, it was concluded that the When English Rings a Bell grade level VII English textbook published by Kementrian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan contained some improper syntactic aspects in it. Regarding to that, the researcher has some suggestions for the following subjects. For those teachers who want to use this book as the teaching handbook, please be more aware in using the book. For the book writer, he or she can be made aware of his or her lack in the book so they can revise it shortly after he or she get noticed. It is also suggested for another book writer that please be more careful and pay more attention to the syntactic aspects in the book that you write. It is also expected for the future researchers that the result of this study will inspire them to explore more data in different kind of data source.

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